The Bushroad Clinic is a medical clinic for general health services.
We are centrally located, just outside the center of town, with ample parking space for your convenience.

Dr. P. Hermanides founded The Bushroad Clinic in the fall of 1987.
Due to a rapidly growing clinic population it was necessary to expand the clinic and in 1990 Dr. F. Bouman joint forces.
After a long and successful career Dr. Hermanides decided to retire in 2007, with Dr. A. Raghosing accompanied by Dr. Sanchit replacing him.
In 2009 we modernized the entire clinic to the state it is today. Our administration as well as the patient documentation is fully computerized. We are working on digital links with the Laboratory, X-ray department, Pharmacies and the Medical Center.
Our team consists of two doctors:
Dr. F. Bouman
Dr. A. Raghosing

and two nurses:
Nurse Lisa Williams
Nurse Karina Perez Torres-Jakoba

as well as a secretary:
Ingrid Berridge-van Viegen In an effort to constantly upgrade the services in our clinic we established a relationship with the University of Amsterdam (VU) and invite medical students (co-assistant) several times a year.
In return we established a network of medical specialists associated with this University hospital which can help in complicated cases.