Every country requires different vaccinations. Every year there is an updated advice for every country in the world.
Due to resistance, vaccination schemes can change.
Some vaccinations have to be given 4 to 6 weeks before departure - so get your information in time.

Centers of  Disease Control and Prevention gives valuable Travel health information:
The World Health Organization give an overview in form of an updated and interactive map:
Check your blood sugar regularly! A well controlled Diabetes reduces the risk of complications significantly.
Complications can be: amputation of legs, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, erectile dysfunction, visual impairment.
Do a PAP smear at least every two years.
The purpose is to detect early stages of cervical cancer. In an early stage the cancer is very good treatable and prognosis is good!
We also do a HPV (Human Papiloma Virus) sampling. This virus is a leading cause for cervical cancer. With a negative HPV test result you don't have to do a PAP test for three years.
To detect breast cancer (in early phase):

Do a Mammogram every year above 35 years of age; otherwise do an ultrasound.
Timing: Best one week after mensis.
(SMMC on appointment - phone: +(1-721) 543-1111 Ext. 5)